Why choose HMW?                                                                                  
          What is HMW's normal lead time?                
Simply...pride and reputation.                                                                            This depends on the size and difficulty
We are owner operated.                                                                                     of the project. and the backlog of work
What you see is what you get. We design, fabricate,                                    prior to your project. However, we can
paint and install all of our own work. Our motto is                                         turn most projects around within 15-30
quality, integrity and pride.                                                                                  days from the start of fabrication.

How do I get HMW to quote my project?
For the timeliest and most accurate quote. Please                                      Does HMW have a guarantee?
call  us to schedule a time for us to come to your location.                        Our guarantee is our reputation.
Emails are also welcome. Please provide the most info                            Just check out some reviews on us or 
for a accurate estimate of costs. Pictures and rough                                   ask for some customer referrals. Our
measurements of your site are helpful if you are                                          reviews speak for themselves.
sending a email to expedite a quote. Any designs,
sketches, photos or magazine clippings which                                            Why is custom metal work so expensive?
may help us understand what you want are also                                          Custom is the key word here. Unlike
helpful.                                                                                                                   a product that is mass produced, our
                                                                                                                                 products are built per your project. Nothing
What if I do not have a design in mind?                                                          (except decorative castings) is 
We offer design service at no additional charge.                                           pre-purchased or pre-cut. 
Check out our design and idea page for
further info.                                                                                                        
 What affiliations does HMW maintain?
                                                                                                                               *BBB- Better Business Bureau
What materials does HMW work with?                                                          *National Ornamental Metals & Misc.        
Our primary fabrication is steel. Although,                                                      Metals Association                              
we do have the abilities to work with                                                              *Reviews of our services on Angie's List
stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum                                                      and
and other alloys                                                                                                 *Links to these are located on our homepage                                                                                               

What is the difference between wrought iron & steel?    
The term iron and steel are used interchangeably. 
Wrought iron is a iron alloy with a very low carbon
content compared to steel used predominantly
prior to 1920. Wrought iron is no longer
commercially produced due to the effective
methods of producing steel today. 
Wrought, is to work. That is why steel products
worked by hand are called so today. Wrought iron
today is really more of a style than a product.

What finishes does HMW offer?
Our products are typically primed and painted.
For basic colors we utilize quality Rustoleum
brand paints which have a rust inhibitor
to prevent rusting. Custom colors are available
through Sherwin Williams paint. Powder coating is
available but any specialty finishes are typically
as costly or more than the fabrication itself.